Have you heard all the facts?

There has been a lot of talk about the need to "go digital".  While we agree that there are some good reasons for some users to favor digital radios over analog, we also recognize that broad generalizations or sales presentations should always be measured against your real requirements.

If you are having questions as whether you should choose analog or digital communications equipment, we invite you to review a recent commentary on our Blog by clicking here.

If you are a commercial or public safety user, you may have been introduced to a heavily promoted type of licensed digital radio system known as MotoTRBO.  For now, we will just say that sometimes, all the facts are not presented.  If you are looking at purchasing digital radios, we suggest that you click here for some very interesting information that may help you in making your decision.
Before you make a decision to purchase any type of wireless communications system, be sure and get all the facts first, starting with what you need to know about MURS by clicking here.  You'll be glad you did!