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We've been around for awhile! 

We were around in the 30's when FM radio was invented, in the 40's when Taxicab Radio was approved by the FCC, in the 50's when paging, Business Band, and Class A Citizens Band came into being, in the 60's when Class D CB was approved, in the 70's when repeater trunking came into being, in the 80's when we saw our first cell phones, and later digital cell phones in the 90's, and now in the 21st century, we are starting to see a blending of the Internet, communications, and computers. It's an exciting time to be alive and well here on planet Earth!

With all this talk about the past, you might think we are locked into tradition and things the way they used to be.  Far from it!  Our vision is always on the future while doing our best for today.  Sharing information in a timely manner is one of our traditions that will expand as we can take advantage of emerging technology.  
What we are seeing today is the need for simple, affordable, and reliable basic communications to serve both personal and professional needs.  In particular, our focus is in meeting the needs of those who need short range or on-site license free and airtime free communications.  That is why we are excited over the potential of the Multi User Radio Service (MURS) and the products now available to meet a variety of needs.

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