Smart Group Communicators by Sensear .  

There are all types of wireless communications for all types of needs.  Traditionally we think of 2-way radio being a form of airtime free communications capable of providing person=to-person communications within a building, campus, work site, or outdoors for construction or recreational activities. 

Although not nearly as common as personal communications, there is also a type of communications known as mobile communications where the device is mounted in a vehicle.  Typically, such systems have much greater range that personal communicators and are well suited for the needs of delivery, public safety, transportation, and utility users.

There is another type of communications which we call Smart Group. This is a type of confined space communications for small groups of people in noisy areas, such as a manufacturing plant, computer centers, HVAC facilities etc.  The purpose of Smart Group communications is to allow people to talk to each other at distances rarely exceeding twenty five feet. These systems do not require an FCC license and though they have headsets to block our noise, they can also allow hearing of nearby sounds.  It's called situation awareness. These systems are ideally suited for training in noisy manufacturing plants, tour groups, etc.

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